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Investing in the diverse founders who are building the products and services for an ever growing diverse marketplace.

The Rockies Seed Fund, now under formation, seeks to raise $5 million to invest in a portfolio of 20 - 30 pre-seed and seed stage companies led by diverse founders and top level leaders. Join us to invest in the most promising diverse entrepreneurs.

Confident Business People

About Our Firm

The Rockies Seed Fund is a part of the Rockies Venture Fund and its mission is to invest exclusively in the most promising Black and Latino led businesses in at the pre-seed and seed stages of their growth.  

The Rockies Seed Fund also has a diverse team of general and venture partners with deep connections into the startup community. This provides opportunities for shared experiences and deeper connections with the leaders of our portfolio companies and well as brings a diversity of perspectives on the side of capital allocation.

Since 1985, Denver based angel investing network Rockies Venture Club has been investing in high performing startups. The Rockies Seed Fund now provides a vehicle for investors to engage in a professionally managed venture capital fund with extraordinary deal flow, due diligence and deal-making skill.

Our Portfolio

At the Rockies Seed Fund, we collaborate closely with founders throughout all the investment and fundraising stages. To understand the type of companies and sectors are targeting, take a look at some of our current and past investments made by the Rockies Venture Fund team members, who are also general partners of the Rockies Seed Fund.

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